Structures- Weekly Photo Challenge

Within every piece of wooden beam, and within every corner of concrete sway memories that often go unnoticed. When we look at this structure, we see a worn out house, and we think “poor”. However, to its residents, this is not just a house, this is heaven. To the people living inside, this house is the most beautiful house they’ve ever seen. My point is, every single structure on earth has its history. This history is implicit in the materials that were used to make it, we just need time and focus to extract it. We don’t realize it, but we always tend to ignore what lies within because we’re too busy to live in the moment. Try slowing down, try living in the moment because the world become much more beautiful as you will have the ability to observe the true symbolic meaning behind every structure. Let this house remind you of the family that lives inside, their children who learned to walk inside, the tears and laughs that were shared inside. This is not only a structure made up of physical materials, it’s much more than that…try looking carefully– maybe you’ll find the other materials.


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